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When your four-legged friend jumps on the couch for snuggle time, are you hit by the smell of farm and barn odor? If you're wrinkling your nose when your pup is near, schedule a dog bathing appointment at The Dapper Dog in Dorr, MI.

Our experts will use EZ Groom shampoos that are organic and hypoallergenic to clean your pet thoroughly. After they're clean, we'll blow-dry and brush your dog to remove extra hair. We can also express your pet's anal glands at your request.

Schedule your dog grooming appointment by calling 616-548-1200 now. We'll even provide specialty shampoos to keep your pets smelling fresh between visits, and you'll get to choose a scent for your pet from our scent bar.

Check out our grooming services

Every dog has its own unique grooming needs. That's why we use shampoos that are specifically designed for your dog's coat and also ask such detailed questions to achieve your desired style.

Amanda and Nicole have experience with breed specific:

  • Dog styling
  • Dog bathing
  • Dog haircutting
  • Dog ear cleaning
  • Dog nail trimming
  • Dog hair trimming
  • Dog teeth cleaning
Does your pup leave a trail of hair in their wake? Our experts can clean your furry friend with EZ Groom's Filthy Beast shampoo and blow out their coat to remove old dead coat from last season. You'll walk out of our salon with a dapper fellow or a beautiful lady with a bow.

We only use high quality shampoos and conditioners that clean deeply leaving a light fresh scent and leave your fur baby's skin feeling refreshed. On your way out you can pick your favorite pet cologne at our complimentary scent bar.

To learn more about our dog grooming services in Dorr, MI, contact us today.

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